Uong Bi Auto Mechanical Joint Stock Company trains fire prevention and fighting skills in 2021

On October 27, Uong Bi Auto Mechanical Joint Stock Company opened a fire prevention and fighting training course in 2021.

Participating in the training were 55 trainees who are comrades in the Company’s Fire Prevention and Control Steering Committee, Managers, Storekeepers and members of grassroots fire prevention and fighting teams, and employees working in hazardous environments, explosions, or frequent contact with dangerous explosives.

Also in the training program, after the theory part, the trainees experienced the practical part of using on-site fire fighting means, extinguishing fires with powder and gas cylinders. At the end of the training course, the trainees took multiple-choice tests and essays to evaluate the results as a basis for the certification of the training class.

Through the knowledge from the training class, it helps trainees to improve their awareness of the law, fire prevention and rescue operations, and skills to practice and handle fire and explosion situations. Thereby helping employees in the Company be aware of their obligations and responsibilities in fire prevention and fighting, in order to promptly handle possible fire situations.

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