Establishment and Development


Date of incorporation: 01/7/1971

Address: Phuong Dong Ward, Uong Bi City, Quang Ninh Province

Phone Number: 02033.854.028            Fax: 02033.854.312



Establishment and Development:

On July 1, 1971, the Ministry of Electricity and Coal decided to establish an Auto Mechanical Factory (the predecessor of today’s Uong Bi Auto Mechanical Joint Stock Company). The Factory is able to repair construction motorcycles and process several items for construction according to the plan of the Coal-Electricity Construction Company. To meet the requirements of tasks in the new situation, on September 18, 1973, the State Planning Commission sent an official dispatch to submit to the Prime Minister for approval the project of building a mechanical repair factory (with a repair capacity of 250 vehicles/year). The headquarters is expected to be built in Tan Lap village, Phuong Dong commune, Uong Bi town (Quang Ninh).

Since its establishment, the factory has been a dependent accounting unit of Uong Bi Coal Company. In January 1996, the Ministry of Industry transformed the Company into an independent accounting enterprise, a member unit of the Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group – Vinacomin. In February 2002, implementing the arrangement of state-owned enterprises, the Factory returned to a unit under Uong Bi Coal Company, under the Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group – Vinacomin.

On January 1, 2007, implementing Decision No. 2064/QD-BCN, dated August 9, 2006, of the Ministry of Industry on approving the plan and transferring the Auto Mechanical Factory, became Uong Bi Auto Mechanical Joint Stock Company.

From the initial production field, which was an auto repair factory and some simple mechanical products, today Uong Bi Automobile Mechanical Joint Stock Company has become a diversified production and trading company, operating in many fields: auto and motorcycle repair, steel casting, mechanical engineering, plastic chemistry, metal protection electrochemistry, specialized mining batteries. After nearly 50 years of construction and development, there have been many efforts in technology investment to improve product quality, and diversify products and services; We have become a reputable company, meeting the needs of customers and the assignment of tasks of Vietnam National Coal and Mineral Industries Group – Vinacomin.

Uong Bi Auto Mechanical Joint Stock Company is known not only as a multi-industry production unit, but we are also highly appreciated for its boldness in investing in the production, construction, and development of new products. Our company has been awarded the third-class labor medal (1997), second-class (2011), Vietnam quality silver award in 2000, and many other noble awards.

Overcoming the fierce challenges of 50 years of construction and development, experiencing many ups and downs, changed names many times, with tireless efforts and striving, the collective of officers and employees of the Company Uong Bi Auto Mechanical Joint Stock Company has made the Company very proud achievements. In the general renovation of the country, the Company has made remarkable growth steps; workers’ lives are increasingly improved; working conditions of employees are constantly improved; The facilities are becoming more and more beautiful and spacious, contributing to changing the face of Uong Bi City.