“Over 50 years of construction and development, with tireless efforts and striving, the staff and employees of Uong Bi Auto Mechanical Joint Stock Company have made very proud achievements. The company has made remarkable growth steps; workers’ lives are increasingly improved; working conditions of employees are constantly improved; The facilities are getting more and more beautiful and spacious. It is the result of the spirit of solidarity, discipline, and consensus – a precious tradition of the heroic mining class..”

Striving to become the leading enterprise group in mechanical engineering in Vietnam.

Towards the goal of being friendly to people and the environment.

Contribute to community development and the country.

Quality assurance, price, customer satisfaction.

Bringing new technology into each product to create breakthrough value.

Focus on social security work. Aiming at the goal for the benefit of employees.



“Professional – Quality – Dynamic – Creative – Effective”

Uong Bi Auto Mechanical Joint Stock Company will always ensure sustainable cooperation with partners. Thereby providing our customers with the best quality products on the market.

Our partners